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Calanca Switzerland Biennale 2021

from 4th July to 26th September

by Adria Nabekle
curator of the Biennale


Calanca Biennale wants to involve the territory, therefore not just an exhibition but promotion through contemporary art.

At the same time, the Biennale identifies itself with a global ecological message: Help! I am burning!

La Calanca is far from urban and industrial centers. The valley located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, lies in the middle of mountain ridges in a natural setting of infinite beauty.

But the Calanca is not blind, we see very well what is happening in the world, we see that our planet is burning.


The crocodile totem, a precious companion

An intuition was needed, a totem that could represent a strong message. The "crocodile" totem animal immediately manifested itself and was a precious companion for all phases of creative work.

A crocodile screaming HELP! I AM BURNING!

This message has allied us with the world of graphic art, which is particularly attentive to social and environmental problems.

The Biennale is divided into two: graphic illustration but also the creation of a contemporary material work of art that represents the valley with its stone: GNEISS granite.

32 granite blocks extracted from the mountain and inserted in the urban artistic fabric of the valley. This work represents the tectonic plates that rise to the surface like a movement of the Earth, a small natural glaciation.

It is interesting to know that the tectonic plates between Europe and Africa meet precisely in this territory and hold hands like a sandwich. In geological terms this phenomenon is called "crocodile jaw".

Texts by Adria Nabekle

The Biennale exhibits 212 outdoor posters from 39 countries around the world in Rossa and Arvigo.

The Graphic Illustration Contest is curated by Adriana Bertossa Klenk (Adria Nabekle), Switzerland with the advice of Irwan Harnoko, Indonesia.

The Biennale exhibits at Rossa a contemporary work made in the Alfredo Polti SA gneiss quarry in Arvigo. The design and coordination of this land art work was assigned to architect Davide Macullo, Switzerland.

Appointments with aperitifs are:

  • June 20, at 11.00 in Rossa, Alpine Restaurant with a live broadcast for RSI DUE
  • 4 July, at 4.00 pm in Arvigo, B&B Ai Cav
  • 11 July, at 3.00 pm in Rossa, Ristorante Valbella
  • 26 September, at 4.00 pm in Arvigo, B&B Ai Cav

We thank the Calanca valley for the hospitality, in particular:

The Municipality of Rossa
The Alfredo Polti SA quarry and the Ai Cav B&B in Arvigo

Curator, copy and visual writer of Calanca Biennale is Adriana Bertossa Klenk (Adria Nabekle) assisted by Nino Ellison, Australia, Reza Mousavi, Iran and Tom Alemanno, Switzerland.

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