• ISPACE: discover the pathways and the biodiversity of the place

    ISPACE: discover the pathways and the biodiversity of the place

  • MACIROSSA: museum of unlimited growth

    MACIROSSA: museum of unlimited growth

  • Cultural promotion projects for the Calanca Valley

    Cultural promotion projects for the Calanca Valley


RossArte is a regeneration project by means of contemporary art and architecture. The goal is to interpret through art and architecture a historical moment tensed between globalization and historical values. Rossa, and the Calanca valley, is an urban planning laboratory that considers art as the founding element of our future cities. The city understood as a total work of art. Rossa's intervention starts from the premise of the integration between art (in which to live), nature and historical context. Art is permanently inserted into the existing fabric, it is a public and civil work, it becomes a space of life; architecture and the design of the city.




Dialoghi su Casa mia, Casa tua - Costruire tra passato e futuro in Calanca

11.11.2021 Serata di dibattito sulla valorizzazione del patrimonio...

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Museum of Unlimited Growth

Architects: Davide Macullo Architects

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A stone crocodile

Temporary stone installation in the Calanca valley

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Calanca Switzerland Biennale 2021

from 4th July to 26th September

by Adria Nabekle
curator of the Biennale

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David Tremlett: Three chapels in Rossa

David Tremlett
Wall drawings
Three historic chapels*, dating from the 17th century and located here, have had their exteriors painted by the Anglo-Swiss...

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ISPACE - 1st completed installation

Spaces to rediscover our belonging to the natural world and
discover the territory through the senses,
in harmony with...

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Swisshouse XXXII

Swisshouse XXXII Sinusoïde, permanent work in situ / with the artist Daniel Buren, in collaboration with Mario Cristiani, Galleria Continua

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  • Be part of the RossArte vision

    Be part of the RossArte vision

    Art and Architecture are the link between the DNA of a place and its future

    Diventa sostenitore

A civilized people live in the midst of their art.

– Bruno Munari

Art is not serious unless it is public.

– Bill Viola


The Calanca Valley on the move


The Swiss Alpine municipality of Rossa sits at an altitude of 1100 msl. in the Calanca valley in the Italian speaking part of Grisons and is home to an extraordinary biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Every gesture, every intervention in this magical place must refer to its spirit of happy survival, be respectful to the environment and people, sustainable, and daring for its creative and enduring reach.

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How to reach us

By public transport

From Bellinzona railway station take the bus towards Mesocco/San Bernardino and change at Grono at the 'Bivio Calanca' stop, then take the bus towards Rossa.
From Chur railway station take the bus towards Bellinzona, change at Mesocco station, continue with the bus until Grono at the 'Bivio Calanca' stop and then take the bus towards Rossa.

Swiss Federal Railways Timetable

By car

Thanks to the motorway connections from the north A3 Zurich – Sargans and A13 Sargans – San Bernardino and from the south A2 Chiasso – Bellinzona and A13 Bellinzona – San Bernardino exit in Roveredo, the Calanca Valley is easily accessible all year round.

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