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Multipurpose room, workshops and events

The Rossa project is to be read as a unitary project that strengthens the existing heritage to affirm the desire for competitive growth on the one hand and act as a beacon of genuine intentions of the population shared with the other realities in the world. A room suitable for hosting work sessions to be shared with the population is a fundamental element for this growth and is a priority in territorial planning. The material produced during the sessions will form the cultural fund of the new Rossa archive, open to scholars and the general public.

Spatial planning through architecture and art in Rossa in Val Calanca has, among other objectives, that of making the economic fabric of the region as autonomous as possible. A sustainable development of these alpine places also takes place through planned tourism, or rather a cultural tourism linked to work and employment, for example in terms of study stays. This also includes involving the population in establishing a desire to appropriate the place and keep it alive during each season and in building a lasting network of cultural exchange and production.

The symptoms of an epochal change in man’s presence on the planet through augmented realities is now upon us and the new real virtuality leads us to reconsider the habitat of man from a point of view of harmony with nature. Nature which in Rossa has an expression of extraordinary diversity and thus becomes a valuable, sophisticated and proactive laboratory as a global engine ignited by the local. The aspects of a future related to the introduction of parametric architecture and the hypothesized avatar architecture to follow, where humans will be connected to buildings, leads humans to develop biomimetic architecture to reconnect with the earth. The project of a room for humans to be inserted in the natural context plays a symbolic role in addition to the other works realized and in progress in the valley.