Not Vidal: a sculpture house

Project conceived and coordinated by Galleria Continua and Davide Macullo Architects with the RossArte Foundation

Artistic direction: Mario Cristiani
Architects: Ivano Fasani and Davide Macullo

Living in the Calanca Valley means taking your heart and spirit back to the genuine times of belonging to a place where the extraordinary beauty of the landscape makes people feel alive and places them at the centre of the world. It is a place where time stands still, where you can find concentration and the pleasure of the preciousness of the intimacy of life.
The beauty of the valley, marked by vertical mountains eroded by the Calancasca river, is a natural womb that envelops the people who have decided to live there.
The valley offers a hospitable atmosphere and a surreal, protective and pleasant ambience of yesteryear. The small rural constructions scattered along the valley floor are like protrusions of nature. They were born there with materials found there and built by the people there. Nothing is out of place, everything you see has deep roots there.
Intervening in such a harmonious context can only be done with the sensitivity you learn in this place. Interpreting the spirit of this place suggests the extent of the intervention and already designs its future. An idea of aggregation, of community life to resist and absorb the energies of nature, as it was for the settlements of the past. A concealment and unveiling, rhythmic intervention and putting down roots in a town that manages to reinvent itself and appreciate the quality of life that still follows the rhythms of nature and that will still be preserved here for a long time.